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[wptabtitle]Video Studio[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] Located in a studio large enough to seat two full classes or a large musical ensembles is our state-of-the-art Digital High Definition Video Studio. It is on par with some of the area’s leading colleges, universities and even commercial sites. Major features of this facility include three broadcast quality cameras with top-end pedestals, intercoms and teleprompters. The studio also features one of the largest floor and wall Green-Screens around (for extraordinary special effects) and an ultra-energy-saving LED lighting grid capable of handling three individual sets at one time. Offering professional management of the studio’s sound and video mixing is a video control room with no limitations between a creative vision and a professional production. This facility is supported by a fully equipped video editing computer lab loaded with professional-grade software. Students learn the skills and value of great communication and presentation. [/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]Library Media Center[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent]Our Library Media Center offers several technology-infused learning areas. On the Elementary side of the library, a floor projector screen allows students to enjoy animated storytelling and many other electronic resources through an iPad. Additionally, there are two learning classrooms equipped with Promethean interactive whiteboards for the students to take part in interactive lessons. On the High School side of the library, there is a Mac lab for individual or larger groups of students to work on projects or assignments. The library has an E-learning Bar that has five touch screen computers and several Mac and PC’s available for independent research.[/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]Fitness Center of the Future[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent]The Fitness Center of the Future is comprised of two exercising areas. The top layer is a traditional cardio exercise area consisting of elliptical and treadmill machines, as well as weight lifting machines. The lower level is geared towards our digital aged students, consisting of nine flat screen televisions equipped with Nintendo Wii systems. Students can work in partners to complete their exercise program in a fun and innovative way. In addition, our Fitness Center of the Future houses a 133-inch projection screen attached to a 30-participant Wii classroom program.[/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]Promethean Boards[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent]Classrooms are equipped with Promethean interactive whiteboards.  The interactive whiteboards make lessons engaging for all students as well as opens the doors to a multitude of online resources to be used to enrich daily instruction.  Most classrooms have ELMO document cameras that allow teachers to complete live science demonstrations or to have written materials enlarged and displayed on the Promethean board for all of the students to view with ease.    [/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]3-D Printer[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] This unique device can print solid, three dimensional, computer-generated designs of: products developed for marketing testing, engineered machinery parts for testing, and fine artwork.   The fully colored three-dimensional pieces can be as large as 8” x 10” x 8”. Students involved learn teamwork, the design process, and the power of observation. [/wptabcontent]
[wptabcontent]Our 20” diameter telescope, with professional optics, is completely robotic and remotely accessible. Numerous public and special viewing events are held each year for others to experience the brilliance of the nighttime sky. The robotic capability includes a library of over 145,000 objects easily pointed viewed with the click of a button. Students learn the importance of preparation and teaching others. [/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]Computer Labs[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent]MaST currently has nine functional computer labs. Four of our labs are Mac based with the remaining five labs being PC’s. In addition, we also have nine mobile laptop carts available for in-class use on top of the five classroom computers.[/wptabcontent]