Raffle Ticket Winners

Prize pick up location:
MaST on Byberry Road
Email info@mastccs.org to arrange pick up.

Isaac Newton Meetings:(MaST Byberry Location and by Conference Call)

1/27/19. 1 p.m  special meeting

4/29/19. 10:30 a.m.  special meeting

5/15/19. 5:15 pm. Regular meeting

5/30/19  9:30 am. Special meeting

6/19/19.  5:15 pm.  Regular meeting

The following recessed meetings will reconvene  at MaST I and conference call  on 5/22/19:
INF 1 pm
MaST I     1:30 pm
Mast III    2 pm.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application