The following sports are available for students in Middle and High School. Students in grades 4-6 are able to participate in Intramural sports.

Athletic Offerings & Coaches

* (H) Head Coach, (C) Co-Head Coach, (A) Assistant Coach

Middle School Sports:

Cheerleading (Club)
Kim Capanna (Sponsor)

Varsity Boy’s Basketball – (7th/8th)
Rich Trichon (H)
Bob Hopkins (A)

Jr. Varsity Boys’ Basketball – (5th/6th)
Bob Hopkins (H)
Rich Trichon (A)

Varsity Girls’ Basketball – (7th/8th)
Mary Flanagan (H)
Mary Bridget Letukas (A)

Jr. Varsity Girls’ Basketball – (5th/6th)
Mary Bridget Letukas (H)
Mary Flanagan (A)

Ryan Reed (H)
Curt Holtz (A)

Mary Flanagan (H)
Keith Worrell (A)

High School Sports:

Girls’ Soccer
Sara Petroski (H)
Rachel Moller (A)

Boy’s Soccer
Andy Heinrich (H)
Ian Casey (A)

Colleen Cobb (H)
Jessica Laychock (A)

Patty McNesby (C)
Loretta Wilderman (C)

Boys’ Basketball
Dan Tirendi (H)
Craig Hackett (A)

Girls’ Basketball
Edwin Vazquez (H)
Jim Stabinski (A)

Angel Conley (C)
Andy Heinrich (C)

Mark Roth (H)
Bob Hopkins (A)