Summer Soaring 100 Club

To MaST Families of our current students in Grades K-4,

Summer is an important time for students to continue reading and practicing math skills. Numerous studies indicate that students who don’t read or continue practicing their math skills during their summer vacation, see their ability levels stagnate or decline. MaST encourages all students to spend as much time as possible learning over the summer. This year, MaST is starting a new incentive program to support parents in motivating their students throughout the summer, the Summer Soaring 100 Club.

Students will work with parents to use print or digital resources to read or review skills. Parents will document the amount of time spent in each sitting in the boxes on the tracking form. The goal is for parents to sit with their child 100 times to read together, practice reading skills or review math skills, by the end of the summer. Students that complete the 100 boxes will be able to participate in the 100 Club celebration at the beginning of the school year.

A copy of the Summer Soaring 100 Club and a list of digital resources that your child has had access to in their classrooms will be sent home with your child. Please turn in the completed Summer Soaring 100 Club log by Friday, September 1st to your child’s new homeroom teacher.

Have a safe and fun summer of continued learning!

MaST Administration

Digital Resources
Summer Soaring PDF