Q2 Panther Pride

At the end of our 2nd Quarter, teachers in grades K-6 were asked to nominate a student who has consistently exhibited our positive P.A.N.T.H.E.R. Pride behaviors. One student from each homeroom was invited to a special breakfast to celebrate their hard work, positive choices, and leadership qualities. Students had a great time relaxing, interacting with their peers, and talking to our famous mascot, the panther!

What is P.A.N.T.H.E.R. Pride?
Politeness is greeting others throughout the school day in a friendly manner and using phrases such as: Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, and You’re Welcome.
Acting safely includes walking in the hallways, following fire drill procedures, staying seated on the bus and reporting any inappropriate behaviors to an adult.
Nobleness is helping other students and staff members.
Tolerance is accepting the differences and opinions of others.
Honesty is always telling the truth and doing your own work.
Excellence is always trying to do your best.
Respect is presenting yourself in a proper manner, treating others kindly and taking care of school property and other’s belongings.

Congratulations to…
Aria Chowdhury, Michael Moleski, Jonah Sabu, Christopher Tischbein, Nicholas Behr, Patrick Simon, Grace Weyler, Jake Clark, Jediah Baez, Maya Wolman, Lucy McDonagh, Kaitlyn Myers, Olivia Scruci, Katherine Villamarin, Luke Rooney, Dominic Campagna, Jordan Jennings, Dominic Lorenzo, Kyleigh Murphy, Charlie Lloyd, Cordell Gary, Megan Heineman, Blaise Taylor, Rachel Tang, Matt Kaelin, Ryan Dobbs, and Amir Hughes!