Extracurricular Activities Dismissal Procedures

Extracurricular Activities Dismissal Procedures

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We want to ensure that all parents and guardians are up-to-date with our dismissal procedures for extracurricular activities after school. As an added precaution, we will also be stationing someone outside to assist directing parents. Below, please see guidelines for our procedures:

When arriving to pick up your child(ren), park in a parking spot. DO NOT CREATE OR GET INTO ANY SORT OF LINE. During after school hours, park in any available parking spot (including all levels of the parking garage).

If the child is in grades K-8, the parent/guardian must go into the front lobby to pick up the student.

If the child is in grades 9-12, the parent/guardian must still park in a parking spot, but students can be dismissed to the parent’s/guardian’s car without the need of coming into the building.

Cones are placed in front of the school after the school day to prevent people from parking and double parking in the exit lanes. We appreciate your cooperation in following these rules for the safety of our staff and students.


John F. Swoyer III, CEO

Matt Ehrlich, Head of Operations