PSSA Testing Information

Dear 4th – 8th Grade Parents/Guardians:

According to the Every Student Succeeds Act federal law, each state must assess its students annually. Pennsylvania administers the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) to students in grades 3 through 8. In a typical school year, we administer these state assessments in the Spring and will resume that schedule in April of 2022. Last school year, PA extended the window for taking the assessments until September 30, 2021, and MaST postponed administration until this fall.

The PSSAs are comprised of tests in three subject areas – English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. MaST Schools will be following the following testing schedule:

Test                                                   Testing Dates

4th-8th English Language Arts          August 30, 31 & September 1

4th-8th Math                                          September 2 & 3

5th Science                                              September 8 & 9

The PSSA tests are important tests and the results become a permanent part of each student’s record.  They may be used to support academic placement into specific courses or programs.

As per Chapter 4 state regulations and Administrative Regulation 6142, any parent or guardian who believes that he/she may have a religious objection to his/her student participating in the PSSAs may make a request to the school to review the PSSA test(s) for which they may have a religious objection.  Please contact your student’s principal should you wish to review the test(s). If the parent/guardian wishes to request a religious exemption after reviewing the test(s), the parent/guardian must provide a letter addressed to the CEO stating which specific assessment conflicts with their religious beliefs.  Parents viewing the assessment must sign a confidentiality agreement.

If you or your student(s) have any questions about this test, please feel free to contact your student’s School Leader:

Our teachers and students have been working very hard at ensuring that they are ready to take the test, and do their absolute best. We are asking for your support so that students arrive on time each day, get a good night’s sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast, and are mentally ready for the test.

We are asking for your help in getting our students to school on time for the duration of the tests. The tests will begin promptly at 8:45 AM each day. If your child is running later than that, they will be sent to the “late” room to complete their test. Breakfast will continue to be served, however we would like the students to arrive in a timely manner so they are able to eat, and get to their classrooms as quickly as possible.

In an effort to encourage the students to do their best, we are allowing the students to have an option for what they’d like to wear to school on testing days.

Test takers will be able to wear the following on testing days:

  • MaST gym uniform
  • MaST regular uniform

Please be mindful that PSSA testing is rigorous, and the students will need extra encouragement from both home and school to be successful.



John Swoyer,

Chief Executive Officer

MaST Administration


Helpful Resources:

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