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Mother’s Day Tea – 05/14/14

The First Graders honored all the hard work their mothers do for them by having a special Mother’s Day Tea. The children learned “Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” and “You Are My Sunshine” to sing to their moms. They also showcased some original work they completed on their newly acquired iPads. To […]

Outdoor Garden: 1st and 6th Grade

Mr. Trichon’s 6th grade class, teamed up with Mrs. Callahan’s first grade class to plant lettuce and onions in the MaST garden. The kids had a great time learning about the different type of plants that are in the garden. We also saw some frogs and talked about agriculture. The two classes are planning to […]

Barbie Bungee Jump

Students in Ms. Bednarczyk’s Pre Algebra class simulated a bungee jump using a Barbie doll and rubber bands. They graphed their data for the different number of rubber bands used, then made a line of best fit to predict the number of rubber bands needed for Barbie to safely jump the 158 inches in the […]

Kentucky Derby – 05/02/14

Mrs. Brown’s classroom was transformed into Church Hill Downs for a unique version of America’s most famous horse race, the Kentucky Derby. The Goal was to provide a memorable and fun experience for a cross-curriculum review whereas teams were made up of horse owners, trainers, and jockeys. The event included a mock track with movable […]

Engineer of the Month – 05/2014

Students worked in pairs to design, build and test a car used to transport an egg down a ramp. The students used various materials to cushion the egg’s impact as it accelerated down a ramp placed at various angles. During this challenge the students learned about kinetic energy, inertia and how to tackle the forces […]

National Honors Society Induction – 04/23/14

39 Juniors were inducted into the MaST National Honor Society on April 23rd. These students were recognized for their committment to both their school and community. Each of the students have maintained a GPA above a 3.4 throughout their first 3 years of high school and have volunteered their time within the community.

High School 3D Class – 04/16/14

Rachael Benigno demonstrates her chair design in 3DS max for her Product Design I class. The final version of her chair design can be seen in the miniature chair prototype printed from the 3D printer. For the chair project, students are guided through a series of exercises in the design process. Some of these exercises […]

Hatching Chicks – 04/09/14

Third grade students enjoyed chick hatching as part of their Life Science Unit. After predicting which chick would hatch first, they anxiously awaited for the pecking to begin. Along with the Scientific Process, the students created memory booklets and documented by taking pictures. Students also learned how to care for the chicks. They were super […]