MaST’s state-of-the-art Media Center facility features three floors of the latest technology and resources. The space opened in September of 2011. It is used by K-12 students, staff, board members, and the entire school community. Each floor has a unique layout and special features pertaining to the use of the space. The first floor contains a board room equip with video conferencing capabilities, a learning center for students who need individualized support, a PC lab for sign out, and our SAIL classroom. The second floor is the Library/Media Center space. The second floor is used by K-12 students in a variety of ways. Books, magazines, digital resources, computers, iPads, and flip cameras are available to students. Teachers can sign areas out for class research projects or bring their students to the Mac Lab area in the back of the Library. K-6 come to the Library once a week for their Media Center Prep class. During that time students use iPads, Netbooks, the Touchscreen ActivTable, and the Floor Projection Screen to learn about topics being covered in their classroom. The third floor hosts the HDTV studio with green screen, a control room, 3D printer, and 2 mac labs. The Technology Department’s office is also found on the third floor.


First Floor:

  • Board Conference Room
  • Before & Aftercare Room
  • SAIL Classroom
  • PC Lab

Second Floor:

  • Library Media Center
  • Floor Projection Screen
  • Touchscreen ActivTable
  • Mac Computer Lab
  • Cafe Area
  • Fireplace

Third Floor:

  • HD Video Studio
  • Control Room
  • Mac Computer Labs
  • 3D Printer
  • Counseling Center
  • Technology Department