Family Handbook

Welcome to MaST Community Charter School
Board of Trustees/Meeting Schedule
School Calendar
Grading Policy
Guidelines for Computation of Grade Point Averages for Grades 9 through 12
Ranking and Honors for Seniors
Plagiarism Policy
Attendance Guidelines
Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Attendance Officer
Early Dismissal
Inclement Weather
Two-Hour Delay
Health Office
Make-Up Work
Anti-Bullying Policy
Extra Curricular Policies
School Bus Behavior
Student Parking
Railroad Bridge on Byberry Road
Emergency Drills
Opening Exercises
Parent/Teacher Communications
Association of MaST Parents
Parent Liaison Committee
Parent Volunteer Hours
MaST Community Charter School – NHS Selection Criteria
CCP Program
Graduation and Promotion Requirements
Telephone Usage
Cell Phones/iPods
Class Trips/Activities
Corridor and Stairway Use
ID Cards
Dress Code
Search and Seizure
Classroom and Common Spaces
Right to Know
Wellness Policy
Code of Conduct
Disciplinary Interventions
Discipline of Students with Disabilities
Disciplinary Hearings and Exclusions
Policy Statements
General Statement of Non-Discrimination
Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures
Anti Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures
Student Complaints and Grievances
Parental Complaints
Annual Notice of Special Education Services and Programs and Rights for Students with Disabilities and Notification under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Child Find Policy and Public Outreach Awareness System
Section 504
FERPA Notice
Directory Information

Handbook Appendices Section

Appendix 1 – School Calendar
Appendix 2 – Anti-Bullying Policy
Appendix 3 – Extra Curricular Policies
Appendix 4 – Bus Riders’ Rules and Regulations
Appendix 5 – Graduation Requirements
Appendix 6 – Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition
Appendix 7 – Title I Parent Involvement Plan
Appendix 8 – Title I School and Family Compact
Appendix 9 – ESSA Certification Letter
Appendix 10 – ESSA Parent Right to Know
Appendix 11 – Concussion Management Policy
Appendix 12 – Wireless Reading Device Policy
Appendix 13 – Digital/Cell Phone Camera Policy
Appendix 14 – Remote Access Policy
Appendix 15 – Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy
Appendix 16 – Social Media and Networking Policy
Appendix 17 – One to One Device Policy
Appendix 18 – SAP Program
Appendix 19 – Student/Parent Agreement Form
Appendix 20 – Truancy Policy
Appendix 21 – Attendance Policy & Procedures